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What people are saying about Jim Knox!

Jim was very helpful to me and my wife Elaine as we were selling our home in Cape Breton and purchasing property in the Halifax area. We were treated in a professional manner and are now very happy living in our new home. Jim was instrumental in our purchase. We were free to choose our new Prestige home and were advised on areas we could amend to our needs. All in all, we are very satisfied and are really enjoying our new mini home.

~ Jody Apestige


We had the pleasure of dealing with Jim Knox to sell a property this year. He was more than obliging and very courteous. Our phone calls to him were promptly answered. He provided very sound advice and was very professional all the way.

He made us feel comfortable in this venture. We certainly will recommend him to our family and friends who are in the market to buy or sell.

~ Bill & Peggy Newcombe 



This was a new process for me and Jim's knowledge and experience made the purchase of my new home an easier and more rewarding experience! Thank you, Jim.

~ Lynn Spicer

It is with 110% confidence that I would recommend Jim Knox as your real estate agent.

My husband died early this year and I found myself after 40 years having to make decisions on my own. The biggest decision was selling my house and finding a real estate agent that would make this happen. Fortunately, I met Jim Knox who offered his services. Using Jim was a big step because he was the only agent that wasn't recommended to me by family and friends. It turned out to be one of the best decision that I made during this emotional time.


Jim Knox was more than helpful in guiding me through the whole process. He even helped me in finding the professionals that I needed to prepare my house for sale and to meet the needs of the new buyers. When I was overwhelmed by the whole process he stepped in and did what needed to be done let me get a breath.

Jim Know listed my home on a Friday and that night had a showing. Within a couple of days, I received an offer that was acceptable.

Can't ask for more than that! Thank you Jim Knox - everything you did was deeply appreciated.

~ Lucinda Low


I live in British Columbia; however, I owned a home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia that I decided to sell this past autumn. I was a little daunted about selling a property so far away from where I live.

Jim was very helpful and had the contacts required to help remove unwanted goods from the property and complete other tasks such as selling or giving away some of the larger items, changing door locks and even communicating with legal counsel, as appropriate, to save me long distance phone charges. His on-line notification system for house showings and client feedback kept me informed of all activities. At no time during the transaction did I feel isolated or worry that I wished I lived closer to keep an eye on things.

When Jim and I were initially discussing house prices, he gave me a value at which he thought the house would sell. The house sold quickly and he was spot on with the value.

His slogan is correct: Knox does, in fact, know!

~ H. Duncan


Margaret and I would like to thank both Jim and Sherry for all their efforts in helping us purchase our new home. Jim is very knowledgeable in regards to all aspects of buying a home and also listing your current. Jim helped Margaret and me with a great financing team for the mortgage of the new home and with a home inspector as well. Sherry is a great help in the office helping to set up viewings for your current home and keeping in touch with the lawyers. Once again, thanks to Sherry and Jim for making our home purchase a very enjoyable one.


~ John Timmons


I would like to take this time to thank yourself and Sherrie for always putting my interests above all else during

the sale of my property, the teamwork you have shown through the selling process was professional at all times.

You took the time to explain the process from start to finish, also dispelling the confusion for a first time

home seller.

You acted professionally and in a timely manner to all my needs and concerns throughout the selling and closing of my home.

I would highly recommend you and Sherry to anyone looking to sell or procure a property. And will look to you

for any of my future property purchases.

~ Charles Burke


I bought my mini home from Jim seven years ago, and Mom and I were so happy with the purchase as Jim really explained all aspects of the purchase to us, so no surprises. Now that Mom has passed away, I needed to sell and, had to get the best realtor out there! Of course, I phoned Jim Knox!

~ Danielle Masse


Thank you so much for making our house dreams become a reality.

~ Margaret & John Timmons


The experience of being a first-time home buyer is such a roller-coaster of emotions. With the help of you and Sherry, it has been turned into the most joyful experience of my life. I am so excited I can’t say thank you enough.

~ Jonathan, Emma & Family


Thank you for all your patience & kindness shown to us during our, at times, a grueling ordeal in reaching a favorable outcome.  You have been very professional all the way. Again many thanks.

~ Bill & Peg


Thanks for all your hard work, for taking & making all the calls, everything it took to get out home sold and into our new beautiful “mini“ home.

Sold in almost 7 weeks, a job well done.

Thanks to Sherry, we’ll certainly recommend you to anyone looking for or selling their home.

~ Liz & Ed VanNorden


I have to say it was a pleasure to have you work for us when we bought our mini home last spring. You were very helpful and most friendly. We felt like we had known you for a long time. David and I talked about that for a matter of fact. When our car was stolen and we needed a written statement for the bank to tell them what our home was worth, you took no time in doing that for us.

~ Jim & Dorothy Gay


Jim did a great job providing advice while preparing my home for sale. When it was time to list, he did an excellent job of marketing my home at a time when the real estate market had slowed. As a result, I was able to sell my home in a reasonable amount of time for what I considered to be a fair price. When it came time to buy, Jim came through once again.

~ Logan Mercer


Jim, you were fantastic, thanks for all your help. We could have never made it through our first home buying experience if it wasn't for you helping with every detail! Much appreciated.

~ Kayla & Brandon